Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Four Rummy Myths that Need to be Ignored

Indian Rummy
Indian Rummy
Myths revolve around every popular thing in the world and the Indian Rummy is no exception. The game is sheer delight and with the right skills in place, one can enjoy much money and fun through the game.
Wish to try your hand at the Indian Rummy game? Learn what are the common myths and speculations surrounding the game and be sure to indulge with confidence.
Myth #1
Beginners can never win the game
While David may not win Goliath in the game of Indian Rummy, there is no theory that proves newcomers are born to lose the game. While it may take time to master the tricks, playing with people of similar order enhances the chance of victory and helps to learn quickly too.
Myth #2
Rummy is just a passing online fad
The game of Rummy is many centuries old and has a number a theories prevailing over its origin (some say it originated in Spain while some say it is a revamped version of the Poker, popularised by the French). With the growth of internet, this conventional game has been brought to the online medium for easier access by a larger group of people. It has existed for many years and will continue to allure more and more players through online portals too.
Myth #3
Most people lose money than win while playing Rummy
Not true. They are in fact rummy regulars who consider the game as their secondary source of income. Indian Rummy is a game of skill and with sufficient practice, players are thrown into a winning spree where they make a good amount of fortune and have unlimited fun too. However, like in any other game, loses once in a while are inevitable.

Myth #4
Rummy is for those with a fair dash of luck

This one is a common myth for most card games. While luck does play a part in rummy, the game is dominated by those who have mastered the unique techniques and strategies about playing the game. To be a successful rummy player in the long run, one cannot count on luck alone. 

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